As a Visa cardholder, you have access to many different deals and benefits. Some provided directly by Visa and others by third parties. Most cardholders don’t know about these benefits and aren’t aware of how they can access them. Visa asked us to help solve this problem.
Visa Cards Africa is a platform designed to house these benefits in a single place. It caters for Gold, Platinum, Signature and Infinite cardholders with one login and registration experience that then shows the relevant information for the card type.
The platform brings together Visa and 3rd party APIs along with custom services to give the user a seamless experience. We also developed an API that allows banks in Africa to create their own bespoke front end for the platform or integrate it into their banking apps and websites.
The platform was launched using the Infinite card to South African banks.

Overview  video for Visa Infinite

Visa Infinite Launch event for ABSA bank

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