Every year in South Africa Siemens creates a wall calendar for their B2B customers, showcasing some of Siemens' projects and themes for the upcoming year. For 2017 Siemens wanted to create something to give to its clients that repositioned the brand in their minds as innovative and future-facing and a calendar by itself wasn't going to cut it.
We turned the Siemens wall calendar's images into markers for an augmented reality experience on Android and iOS. We planned and executed a quarterly conceptual, design and build approach that allowed us to release new Augmented Reality content with video and articles monthly as people turned the pages over in their calendar. This approach gave the app longevity and ensured that people would have a reason to engage with the brand throughout the year.
We also included an Easter egg with hidden content triggered by a separate marker image. This was contained within a free WiFi marker installation at King Shaka Airport in Durban for delegates to the World Economic forum where Siemens and their customers were in attendance.
The app features a 2D interface with additional 3D interface elements positioned within the AR space. There is also a toggle switch to show and hide the article content which allows users to focus on the 3D models. We used Siemens’ primary CI colours and fonts and reinterpreted them in a more futuristic way to create the app's design language. We translated Siemens’ “Virtual Layer” design elements into 3D wireframes for the AR models. 
Awards & Accolades

Craft Bronze. Craft – interface Design. The Bookmark Awards 2018 
Bronze. VR&AR. The Bookmark Awards 2018
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