Cape Town is experiencing the worst drought in living memory and is set to become the first city in the world to run out of water completely. Residents are saving water as best they can, but travellers visiting the Western Cape in December were going to put even more strain on the water supply.
We decided to tackle this problem head on by giving travellers guilt-free Johannesburg water when they landed in Cape Town. The only catch was that their baggage had to be 5kgs less than the maximum baggage allowance on domestic flights. Flyers who did not want to collect their water were able to turn in their vouchers and have their water delivered to charities.
With great social, digital OOH, PR and radio coverage, our 5000 litres of water were collected in a few short hours. People even started donating their own water to be given to charity.
Creative Direction, Art Direction and Animation. Done in conjunction with King James II, Atmosphere and King James Digital Media.
Awards & Accolades

Bronze. Ambient. The Loerie Awards 
First. Creative Circle Ad of The Month, Jan 2018 
Winner. Cause-Related Marketing. The Sabre Awards South Africa 
Finalist. Campaign of the Year, Platinum Sabre. The Sabre Awards 
#31 Ranked Campaign Globally, 2018. The Sabre Awards
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