The McDelivery app is easy and convenient to use, but it has a gap in the user experience that makes people anxious and upset. Once your order has been dispatched, there is no way to track your driver's progress, so you can't tell where your food is or what's happening.
Filling this gap in the experience would customers at ease and encourage people to use the service again and again.
Because McDonalds has a global partner for its apps and markets cannot implement their own solutions, we approached this problem with the knowledge that our solution could not rely on changing the current experience, but had to enhance or augment it.
Our proposal involved creating a standalone tracking page for consumers and a delivery app for drivers. Consumers would receive a link to track their order once it has been dispatched and could follow their driver's progress in real time. They could also contact the driver or restaurant if an issue arises.
Customer order tracking
The Driver App
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