Maker Library Librarians for a day
We were invited by The Maker Library Network to be the librarians for a day. Our goal was to play with no end goal in mind. We took images uploaded with the #instanowlab hashtag, converted them into audio signals and ran them through various analog machines. The output from the machines was then captured and re encoded to form new images. These images were automatically printed and saved to be reuploaded.
Microsoft Open Data Hackathon
We were approached by Microsoft to host a hackathon where tams had to use open government data to produce projects that would make data useful, and meaningful for the general public.

My team created  FATI a keyring sized device linked to a service that could find and map open WiFi networks in South Africa. Each new WiFi hotspot that was discovered would be logged on the government's WiFi hotspot map in order to help update it and keep it relevant. Instead of just using government data, we decided to allow users to find and access open WiFi in order to better their lives and at the same time contribute to the governments data to help others find open WiFi networks more easily.
Off Grid Living Hackathon
At our Off Grid Living hackathon, myself and my team created a smart plug system called WATTSDOG that aims to incentivise people to help alleviate the strain South Africa's power grid is under. We created a working prototype of the smart plug that was controllable over the internet and mapped out an ecosystem that showed how our product could help make people and communities feel invested and accountable for power savings in their homes.
Hack for Love
At our Hack for love event, Me and my team created a USB app called OOH SB that let your computer feel some love. Upon insertion of the USB drive, a pop up would instruct the user to repeatedly insert and remove the USB drive from their computer to see what would come next. As the user inserted and removed the drive, an animation played on screen that increased in intensity and climaxed with a colourful kaleidoscopic animation.
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